1Is there a certain age to rent a car?
Yes. You must be over 25 years old.
2I return the vehicle before the deadline, can I get fuel or rest day money?
After delivery vehicle tax and insurance fee is paid in advance as we can not refund the same day. Likewise fuel return can not be done.
3Did you deliver the full fuel vehicles?
Vehicles are supplied with a quarter tank of gas in general and taken back the same way. If you want to deliver the full fuel will be enough to inform us in advance. Fuel costs will be charged to the renter during the rental money bill.
4Can anybody else than the person who rent the car can drive the car?
No. Rental car can use the name of the person or persons only by lease. If you use one of these people remain outside the vehicle outside of the insurance and liability would be in the name of the person who wrote the entire lease.
5Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. You can pay by credit card, our mobile POS device, wherever you are thanks to the delivery of the vehicle.
6Can I rent a car with TC's license?
Yes. TC's license and foreign licenses are valid until the time of the entry visa to the TRNC.
7Do you offer transfer service?
Yes. After giving information about places to visit you will be notified at the latest within 24 hours.
8You are hiring a car with a driver?
These are only our service, please contact our office or our reservations department and inform about availability.
9Mobile phones do work in Northern Cyprus in Turkey?
You can use the other two operators, Vodafone, Turkcell and Avea line the outside of Cyprus. You can use your line in over Turkcell, Avea or Vodafone. But the line must be open to international use Turkey to be able to use your line in Cyprus.
10Is your vehicle full insurance?
Yes. All our vehicles have full insurance, but is deductible.